Im trying to design and simulate a thermal regulating circuit using a digital heat sensor. I need to link it to an MCS51 microcontroller. But my SPICE software has no microcontrollers in its database. Is there any other way out?

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I don't think a better spice program is the answer to your problem plus spice cannot simulate the SW implementation.
You could use some SW tools for that if you wanted but the basic design consists of reading digital sensor deciding if too hot or too cool and using results to control heating or cooling devices.

You need to develop a control system model taking into account thermal delays in system - i.r. if aiz turn ON furnace I should leave on for a min time, effects of noise (breeze causing a short duration change in measurement), efficiency, etc.

Once you come up with general system model, you can use Spice to represent model (cooling Device is Negative Supply, Heating Device is Positive Supply, Thermal Delay is modeled with an RC, thermal losses (i.e drafty window modeled with a pullup/down depending on ambient temp (pull-up if desired temp is below ambent and so on).

Hope that helps.
well I had the same problem ,then I used Proteus it's very good program witch provide a very rich library ,well I don't know about the MCS51 ,but there is the families of PIC 16 ,PIC 18 ,DsPIC .....

As Daniel Waser has already stated SPICE has no provision for simulating microcontroller SW. What you really need is what's known as a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation aka HIL testing. One of the better known HIL tools is


You can find more information by googling "hardware in the loop".

Hope this information helps.

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