hi every body, i'm a master student in mechatronic engineering, and wanna find a topic of my project,
please help me to choose a best subject, a bout new in mechatronic and so on....

thanks a lot sepideh

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yup me too ...we both are of one track em also trying to get a project from everyone ..
if we will talk to each other we may help each other in finding the project title.
One possibility for a project may be to explore operable features of building skins. With minimal maintenance, components must endure long-term exposure to the elements over the life of the structure.
There is a lot of projects that you can develop, that depends of your skills, could you can be more specific about what are you looking for?
might want to follow www.mechatronictips.com as a resource -
Look at developing active damper for engine crankshaft torsional vibrations

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