I have been working  in the Aeronautics Industry for 23 years, and I also own a software design business.

I am looking for someone qualified to be a part of my joint venture project.

The project is to Remotely Detect and Measure Electric Currents in a given area.

That means the system will be able to detect and measure only the electric currents and display the data.

It will be able to read all the electric data across a field remotely at a distance up to 5 miles or more.

The current frequencies range from .01 Hz to 25,000 Hz. The Voltages to measure are around 500mV.

It is challenging and the right person would need to understand remote sensing.

This device will do more than that, but this is a good initial start.

If you think you have the interest and skills let me know.


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I would be interested in talking with you more.

I have a background in remote sensing from aircraft in atmospheric sciences and the development of prototype instrumentation for research applications. I did this for 40 years while at NASA. 

I now have my own electronics development company. Check out my experience and capabilities at www.sandtronics.com to see if I have the qualifications that you are looking for.

George E Lockard



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