Hi all, I'm Andrea Lodetti and I recently joined this forum. I'm the General Manager of ML ENGRAVING, the Italian Company leader in LASER TECHNOLOGY.




We work a lot in the World of Design because we have invented a new working process called DRE®- DESIGN RENDERING ENGINEERING that allows to engrave every kind of texture (2D/3D) on every metallic surface (2D/3D, complex geometries).


We engrave moulds for plastic and rubber objects or we can also engrave metallic objects.


We would like to show our technology because it's a brand new, green technology because the traditional methods to produce textures on moulds used corrosive acids.

Probably very few people know about laser new applications, that's why I show you a few examples:


Alessi Detail.jpgThis is a detail of a tray for Alessi spa. The texture has been realized by the calendering process. ML has made the texture.

FabFork.jpgThis is our FabFork, the new design object realized in collaboration with Giovanni Scafuro.

sella acerbis.jpg This is Acerbis seddle. ML ENGRAVING has done the anti-slipping textures on the mould.

Bottle and Glass.jpgA bottle and a plastic glass.


As I said, these are only few examples of our work. Please find out more and don't hesitate to ask questions. We are willing to show what we can do.


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