Within the confines of a space; 360m * 60m we have to pump 87,500 m3 per minute into a reservoir.  The pressure at the Discharge is 52 psi or 386 kPa.Can use a motor with 1,500 rpm to drive the pumps?  Less rpm?How many pumps with what footprint; w * l* h plus weight?  20 pumps? 60 pumps?  100 pumps?The system has to be able to be used in seawater -- oceans too.

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I think all pumps can do but each have their advantages or disadvantages in term of impeller size, motor power required, etc.

size means manufacturing cost while operating power means power consption cost.

It is better to start by choosing any one type may be centrifugal, lobe, axial etc. and find its size.

I can help you but you have to inform me which one are you choosing then the next type i will choose then we both will compare.

Sound good?


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