Pump is a mechanical device which converts mechanical energy of its driving unit (electric motor, diesel engine, steam turbine, gas turbine, wind turbine,....etc) into hydraulic energy. This hydraulic energy increases the energy of the pumped liquid and enabled it overcome static head and hydraulic losses in the piping system in which the pump is interposed.

The method that is used to supply this energy to the liquid determines the category into which the pump is placed, so there are two types of categories at which the pump can be classified: Roto-Dynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps. We will discuss these types in details in the following article.

Pump is an important device that we can't neglect it in our world because..........

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One of the most important things to remember about pumps is that trouble is most often on the inlet side. The outlet has the energy of the driver pushing out the fluid, the inlet only has a maximum of 14.7 psi pushing on it.

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