We now have United states Green Building council also we energystar(Dept of Energy) and a host

of other agencies entering the green building area some regulate products some regulate the whole building, but yet something as simple and viable as using Wool insulation for walls  in the United States has not met the same acceptibility as in Europe and Canada. Its probably better than denim

jeans shreads and paper cellolose also when working with clients the contract better specify who's

code or integration of several with clients agreement which is important when deciding design


What you think regulate or minimal regulation or establish integration of code by the designer or  engineer ?


Roderick Whitfield


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I have always been a fan of minimal regulation; the reason being is that I am a big believer of the supply and demand concept.

ex. given the opportunity, people will always be innovators and will find the most efficient/cheapest method to whatever task at hand. But, there cannot be an absence of regulation as some methods will be proven to dangerous and/or harmful (asbestos, lead paint, etc.)

Maybe it is cheaper and/or more feasible for places like Europe and Canada to use a different product like denim rather than wool.

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