Forsta Filters Inc. has revolutionized the Forsta self cleaning water filters with its new Green-rinse technology. Providing green cost saving solution that will save you time and money.

The Forsta® industrial water filters are fully automatic self cleaning filters ranging from 1”-36” in pipe size using inlet water pressure alone to clean themselves. The Forsta® Industrial water filters and irrigation water filters are constructed from all stainless steel and are designed to provide a long term solution to a wide range of industrial and municipal applications. Filtration range from 5 micron to 4000 micron using high performance all stainless steel 3 layer sintered mesh. With the Green-rinse technology the entire cleaning cycle takes 5-14 seconds using only fraction of the entire flow for the backwash.

Unlike the typical industrial water filter the Forsta self cleaning water filter does not require changing bags, cartridges or even stopping the flow for cleaning. The Forsta industrial water filter will clean themselves automatically using the same water that is in the system and without interrupting the main flow of up to 20,000 gpm in a single unit.

For more information please visit our website WWW.FORSTAFILTERS.COM

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Hi Eran - the site is very clean, easy to nav. I used to work for a water tech company where newer technology was used to replace DAF (diffused air flotation) - there was always demand for illustrations, animations, metrics and real-world case-study data for support materials. Perhaps this type of filtration is more straightforward, but did not see much supporting data on your homepage statements of better efficiency, etc.

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