Hello everyone, I'm looking for ways/methods to improve wear resistance of stainless steel. I have read that some hardening techniques aren't suited for most grades of stainless steel because they either make the material too hard (and therefore more brittle) or actually cause corrosion.

But now I've come across this Borinox process which is apparently perfect for stainless steel. Has anyone ever heard of that? Apparently it's a heat treatment that produced a hard surface that is very wear resistant. It also increases abrasion and cavitation and doesn't cause/worsen corrosion properties. I'm pretty intruiged, I must say. Particularly because there's a long list of materials and steel types that are eligible for this Borinox process: https://www.edelstahl-haerten.de/en/ 

If anyone has ever heard of this process or knows other methods to improve wear resistance, let me know!

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For our die,for improving die steel wearing resistance,generally add nitriding treatment.

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