IEK Group will promote LEDs at the South-East European Exhibition 'EE & RE' 2015

The rapid development in technologies over the last few years has changed the lighting industry. South-East Europe is a promising market - the growth is fuelled by the transition from conventional light sources to more efficient and healthy lighting products. Many companies develop and provide LED lighting solutions. We are pleased to present some of them - IEK Moldova, an exhibitor at the 11 South-East European Exhibition on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Sofia, Bulgaria, 11-13 March 2015 (EE & RE 2015). The director Larisa A. Poleacova will introduce the company’s activity.

Energy efficiency is critically important today and in reality higher levels of efficiency can be achieved by using LEDs lamps. IEK Group has taken that into consideration, leading to the decision to produce lamps based on the LED system. The main characteristics defining IEK´s LED products are:
- High efficiency - LEDs can produce 100 lumens using only 1 watt power.
- Resistance and long life - up to 100 000 working hours
- Zero UV radiation – no harmful emissions and reduced power heating. 
IEK Group offers a variety of products, not limiting its production to LEDs only. The company is in constant development throughout the range of electrical equipment. Majority of IEK products are patented by engineers and specialists in this field working within the frame of the company. All designs and testing procedures take place in modern laboratories equipped with last generation equipment. Thus an important aspect is the high level of monitoring on the manufacturing process. 
IEK produces a wide range of electrical equipment, quality and accessible prices. The company sales geography covers the entire territory of the former Soviet Union and East Asia, we have also an interest to extend our market in South-East Europe. We provide full scale support of marketing, logistics and services . Our modern distribution centers and the latest technology in managing warehouse stocks guarantee high speed and accuracy of goods dispatch. We would also assist designers, technicians (Designing Software for low voltage electrical networks, technical information) and national power grids.

The latest news about the EE & RE 2015

● The exhibition covers all spectrum of renewables. Cink Hydro, Eurosolarnet, Hermes Solar, Ebios Energy, Polytechnik, etc. are among the participants' names;
● New exhibitor services: a s pecial section will accommodate exhibitors’ announcements indicat ing  in which countries they are looking for business partners.
● The Conference program includes sessions: 'Future of District Heating & Coolingin the EU' orzanied by Euroheat & Power and 'Energy Efficiency' organized by ENEP.
● Vast international promotion - Energy Efficiency Business & Industry magazine, ees INTERNATIONAL magazine, FEDARENE - European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment, PU-Europe have joined our partner network.

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