How to Obtain the hydraulic pressure in the Hydraulic Pump

I want to design a machine that We Can translate power by fluid pressure aid. so I want to calculate the fluid pressure in the exit port of my hydraulic pump (e.g. External gear pump).

For example if we have a torsional Torque in the axis of gear (of my pump) Like "T" What relation can give us the pressure of outgoing fluid.

please Help me..

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equation for power out of torque is P = T * 2 * pi * n where
P = power
T = torque (Nm)
n = rev/s
So you get Nm/s = Watt
This would be more for hydraulic motor

For the pump the equation would be:

P = Q * p / 600 where P = power , Q = flow (l/min), p = pressure (bar)
Q = 50 l/min
p = 100 bar
P = (50 l/min * 100 bar) / 600 = 8,3 kW
so this is the power of the hydraulic fluid.

So you would at least need to know the flow of the pump. I hope i helped you, i don't know, how you power the pump, with an electric motor? One way to see the pressure would be to use digital pressure gauge and connect it to a plc.
Thanx Friend

ok in practical we can measure the pressure but I want to calculate with its formula before run in practical

but your answer is a key for me to continue
i want to power it with human force if i can
the fluid that i choose is simple oil with low viscosity but i want to obtain the pressure of outlet
anyway I thank for your help

Please see the uploaded pdf. I think the derivation and the relationship is clear if anybody is listening




the power always comes from hydraulic station.

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