We have looked on a number of occasions to outsource our engineering efforts abroad. What are your experiences with it?

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3D STRUCTURES was recently established principally to provide a reliable steel detailing office to service and accommodate the needs and requirements of fabricators in the Steel Industry, both local and overseas. We have the expertise and experience in producing shop detail drawings to American, Australian, British, and Japanese specifications for various steel structures, which has included, but not limited to:
• Commercial (Shopping and Offices) Complexes
• Industrial (Factories, Warehouses, etc.) Complexes
• Hospital / Wellness Centers and School Facilities
• Chemical Plants and Refineries
• Power Generation Complexes
• High Rise/ Multi-storied Buildings
• Mining (Chutes, Conveyors Gantries, etc.) Structures
• Transmission Towers
• Steel Bridges
• Transportation Monorails
• Aircraft Hangars
• Marine / Off-shore Structures
• Civilian and Military School Complexes

With our well-experienced and qualified detailers and checkers plus an efficient and tested working system, we can ensure that our shop drawings are of the highest standard.

Properly prepared, accurate and well-checked shop drawings will ensure that problems are identified and rectified beforehand thus eliminating costly errors during fabrication, assembly and erection of the structure. A good and accurate shop drawing such as ours will therefore minimize or even eliminate any possible design oversight, production errors or hick-ups, which in turn could have substantial cost implication as well as delays to the project.
Dear All,
I am Bachelor Engineering with CAD/CAM specialization.
I have 9yrs of experience in product design on different softwares such as Unigraphics,Solidworks,Autocad.
I am interested to take up follwoing activities.
1.Modeling of component based on 2D drawings.
2.Drafting and detialing of drawings.
3.Generation of machining tool path by using Unigraphics Cam
Kindly let me know if anyone is willing to offload the CAD tasks to India.
Further details could be informed on demand.


I have not been the deliverer of outsourcing, but the recipient.

Make sure your statement of work is clear and understandable so that there are no surprises for either you or the company/individual you hire.
Monitor the work at measurable intervals.
Be prepared to listen to new ideas, sometimes you will see something fresh and valuable from your outsourced help.

You are welcome to contact me if you like.

Chris Dreike
My one experience with outsourcing ECO changes to CAD drawings was a total disappointment. The marked-up drawings...approx. 450 of them...were sent to India to have the changes made, and they came back not with changes made, but with our mark-up notes added to the drawings! Needless to say, that was the last time we used offshore resources for our CAD work.

My company's products are manufactured in China at the present time. Due to inferior workmanship, the proliferation of knock-off components, and the lack of Intellectual Property protection, we are in the process of returning our manufacturing operations to the USA.
I would like to know if any firm is interested in setting up a presence in Egypt covering Middle East. The direction is strongly more toward developing and establishing more wind and solar energy as a supply not only Middle East but also neighboring near by countries, such as Europe, Asia...etc.. Please let me know you level of interest we can represent you and help you grow.our e-mail is mrbakh@gmail.com
Bakh Malak, CEO
Mr. Bakh group
Cairo, Egypt
Hi Veto,

I have my factory located in Vadodara Gujarat and am looking for CAD projects.If you are willing to outsource then I would be really willing to do so.I can meet you on Skype. My email ID id jaimin.y.shah on skype.Kindly add me there.

Warm Regards,

Veto Varma said:
Hi David,

I am currently ousourcing my drawings work and so far the performance is very good. I am getting drawings mostly for structural work. I tried American and Canadian firm but they are all very busy and I could not get the drawings in time, but the person I am currently using in India is very prompt and gives me my project on time and my clients are happy about it. So I will say I am saving money and getting good service too.

Hope this helps.


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