We are proposing to install a temporary water pipeline from a water source (point-A) at + 120 m MSL to the raw water reservoir in our plant located at an elevation of + 167m MSL (Point-B)


The pipeline is routed on ground (no pipe racks/pedestal) through a rough terrain where the elevation goes up to + 192 m MSL at one point (point-C)and from there the elevation gradually comes down to +167 m at the inlet of raw water reservoir (destination point-B).


The total length of pipe between water source and reservoir is around 4000 m.


I have calculated the pump head as follows


H         = static head + friction loss



Static head = 192 (highest point) - 120 (water level at source)

                   = 72 m


Regarding friction loss to be considered for selecting pump head, I am confused between the following two options.


1) Should I consider the friction loss for entire pipe work (from Point-A to Point-B) to arrive at pump head?


2) Or shall I consider friction loss only up to Point-C (highest point in pipe route) from where the water can flow to its destination by gravity?


In case-2, there is significant reduction in pump head thus involving less cost than with case-1.


Kindly clarify......

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