What is the best engineering field to enter, that has a good job potential in the next 5 years to come, and pays well?

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The "best" field to enter is purely subjective. (for me it's mechanical)

A word of advice. Don't worry so much about job potential and pay scale.
Focus on what you find the most interesting and what you see yourself being happy doing.
If you like what you are doing you will likely be inclined to be better at it and the rest will fall into place.

Best of luck in whatever you decide.
I would agree I have been in the sawmill and wood related fielsd for over 40 years. It has died in BC Canada. I do not expect it to return in my lifte time. Green stuff seems to be popular, and anything that saves energy. I found myself working for a firm that designs high tech transmissions for track vehicles, where efficency is prime and more power in a smaller box ! !
I new looked there before .
Oil and mining also in western Canada will be a big employeer.
No wood
It's now several years old, but I remember my professors sharing a study with me while attending college that showed elecrical engineering being the highest paying field, with mechanical engineering a close second. I believe that would still be accurate. Now that I have some expience I would temper that with some additional knowledge. It very much depends which sector of electrical or mechanical engineering you go into as to how well you can expect to be payed and how stable your work environment is. Electrical Engineering for Intiegrate circuits and consumer electronics (Telecommunications) pays well, working in power generation doesn't pay as well. Mechanical engineering in Automotive and aerospace pay well, but mechanical engineering of houshold appliances doesn't pay very well.

Aero space is a good field if your looking to graduate in the next two years. Automotive still pays well, but is unlikely to start hiring a lot of engineers. Electronic developers like apple, and oracle are doing well and may be the greatest opportunity for a new graduate. Remember top pay doesn't come until you've cut your teeth. A college diploma says you know how to follow instructions and apply yourself, it doesn't provide any indication of your judgement or wisdom which companies rely on engineers to provide. That's why (and when) they pay you the big bucks.

The fields that pay well are constantly evolving and are generally very competitive and unstable so you have to ballance that against a better than average paying job that might be very stable. No matter what sector or position you take you should plane on changing employeers 5-10 times over your career (that means staying put for 20 years is not a good idea). In part because you quickly tire of some of your jobs, and in part to gain enough experience to remain hirable. Companies don't show the loyalty to employees that they once did, and you are going to be layed off (at least once), especially if your a top payed employee, so keeping the resume and skills as sharp as possible are a boon to any engineer.
I think the engineering that has bachelor degrees. And the fresh graduates because they have fresh ideas. Thanks for the forum you have posted. It is great. And it gives

me a lot of information and knowledge about this.
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