What is the best engineering field to enter, that has a good job potential in the next 5 years to come, and pays well?

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There is shortage of mechanical engineers around the world, specialy in the US so Mechanical i might be the wey to go
As far as plumbing not paying as much, I have not seen that to be true. Maybe it depends on the company or the state in which you work. I have been doing plumbing design for the past 10 years and make as much as any of the mechanical engineers. If I pressed the issue, I could probably make more than a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers are a dime a dozen. But someone who has many years of plumbing experience and a good work ethic is hard to find. We having been searching for someone for the past 3 years and cannot find one person. Makes me somewhat critical to the company. If I was greedy, which I am not, I could just about get anything I asked for however, I don't need to. I am being paid a very fair wage and love the company I work for.

sergio said:
yea, plumbing isnt really a high paying job, im looking to go into a field that i'll enjoy and pays really well. As we all know, as much as you may love your job, money does come into play when the economy takes a toll on your pay. I am looking to go into aerospace and i hear this it the toughest degree to persue, has anybody heard the same?
Natural gas exploration is critical to meet the future demands of the United States (what field of study would this be?) Anything "green" is in vogue right now. Solar, windmill farms, geo-thermal, etc. An Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer or Structural Engineer would do well.
Do what you are passionate about. 40 hours a week is a lot to invest in something you really don't care about. The money doesn't matter when you hate your job. Find that thing that really interests you and go after it. If you are passionate about your job the job security, promotions, and money will come.
thanks everybody, but now, the major obstacle im facing is, whether i should enter the air force where the starting wage is about 42K, or would it be better to go into a private sector job? if i train for the armed forces, im guarenteed a job, where as if i just come out of college, what are the chances of me geting a job right of the back? I just want a well paying job where i can advance constantly with time and without too many indecisive choices and/or mistakes..
Hi from Mallorca (Spain), I am a Mech. Eng. From my point of view the Power industry is the way. A lot of us in USA, europe or Asia are required for Cogeneration plants, Solar plants etc... I think any source of power is a potencial engineering field for our future.
Saw a report recently on the top 10 Metro Areas for Entry-Level Electrical Engineers. http://bit.ly/3ePlQm. Doesn't answer the question, but speaks to the EE field a bit.
Hi, I'm a Mechanical Engineering background. Honestly, I'd recommend going for what your heart desires. It's not about money or potential. It's about interest in the long haul. However, mechanical engineering is very useful in many different fields such as R&D engineering, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial, etc. Therefore, you can branch out. In medical device, we prefer Mechanical Engineering and human beings are not machines. There will always be demand for R&D in the medical device industry. Hope this helps!
I have to say that with the energy issues coming up, Electrical Engineering is playing a big part in that. Every congressman that I have heard from on capital hill is saying that the energy dilema is the most demanding issue, but they also worry about the shortage of EEs to do the job. It is a big issue on the hill and even across the main stream USA. That industry is almost immune to the economic times. I have known EEs that have been layed off one afternoon to be fully employed the next day by another company. I guess it is all where the sparks fly!
I'm agree with Miss Zheng
in addition:

It doesn't matter what you'd study. If you'd be the best & uniqe in your field, you will rock. as a manufacturing engineer, I think that the job should have this qualifications:
1- freelance
2- related to factories
3- should be the mixture sceinces
4- make the factory dependent on you

if you want less streesful job. work on teaching & educattion
I think that Mechanical Engineering has more employment potential because it fits in a wider range of enterprises: pipe designers, HVAC, machinery, automobile, naval, aeronautics, alternate energy industry, and .......

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