Hyperlinked at the bottom of the picture; read the entire article on... How Electrical Engineers Are Helping Save Energy?

Electrical engineers are vital to energy consumption and conservation. Unfortunately, while green engineering continues to evolve, the part played by electrical engineers specifically is often overlooked.

This lack of awareness with regard to the role that electrical engineers have in securing a more energy-efficient future begs the question: Why aren’t more engineers pursuing a career in power consumption?

According to the experts at Texas Instruments, the answer lies in the fact that students aren’t aware of the “societal implications [that] a role in power plays until they are well into their education and have likely decided on a different career path.” Additionally, students are often unaware of what it means to be a power electric engineer in today’s environmentally fragile world.

The reality is that we need more electrical engineers to change and improve the future of energy consumption.

As environmental challenges become more pronounced, we need energy-saving innovations to secure a better future.

What are some of the best cost cutting solutions on the supply side and the demand side?!

How Electrical Engineers Are Helping Save Energy

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