I am having trouble with a DXF file in autocad, can you help me? have a cloud which represents a road and I created some sections (profiles) along this road. Very good, I have my sections in CC. All the sections are parallel to the Z axis (If I put my point of view along the Z axis and watch the lines on the XY plane they only appear as straight lines), while they can be clearly and correctly seen as polylines in X,Y. Being the road not parallel to X or Y, the sections too are not parallel to X and Y.I exported these sections in a DXF file, so that in CAD I can draw on these lines.Now, in Autocad 2011 they can only be seen as straight lines, as if they were 2D lines lying on the XY plane (such view corresponds to what I see in CC if I put myself on the Z axis. Is there anything I am missing in the .dxf file generation? Is it a compatibility issue? (but I can't see how to choose the version when I create the DXF file) Anything else?

Please help

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