Does the language of study really matter? (for mechanical engineering)


I am a currently a high school student and will soon have to make a decision about which field and at what university will I study. I have already chosen to study mechanical engineering but the question remains which university will I go to. My current choice lays between Concordia university and polytechnic school of Montreal. I am not here to ask about which school is better. (although I would also appreciate your opinion) I would rather like to know :

Does the language of study of a subject will have an impact on my future employment and my capacity to understand the subject in the other language?

I am fluent in French and English, but I thought for a long time that an English university will give me an advantage if I want to find work or study abroad. I would appreciate your opinion on the subject.

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Well, it does matter, in my honest opinion. If you're fluent in English I would definitely study at an English university because you will likely have more opportunities, but also you will have less problems understanding subjects because you're fluent in the vocabulary. Even if you're fluent in both languages, technical terms can be a pain in the ass.

Yes, language matters. English is a compulsory language for all engineering fields.

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