To talk about scopes, a few might question, what is future scope for electrical engineering? Well, it is one of the fastest growing fields that study and application of electricity & electronics.

Here are the list of top apps for electrical engineers/

1. Electrical Technology

2. Lessons In Electric Circuits

3. EveryCircuit

4. DroidTesla

5. Electronics Toolkit

There are few more electrical engineering apps but above mention are the best ones.

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Some more useful apps for electrical engineering are

1. Electrical Wiring- This app is useful in calculating  Residential load, Ground wire sizing, Voltage drop, Conduit fill, Copper & Aluminium wire sizes, Electrical Motors and other components, Neutral current and Demand load in Amp in VA. It comes in two versions, free and pro. 

2. Electrical calculations- It is very useful app for electrical and electronics engineers and electricians. Several calculators available in this app. It also comes in two versions free and pro.

3.Electrical LV Calculator- It is very useful app  to design an electrical system which can lower the reactive power, i.e. improve power factor, calculate the short-circuit current, maximum allowable power installation, Voltage drop, the automatic switch current in A, calculate minimum and maximum cable and wire size, calculate a number of earth electrodes and earth resistance etc.

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