DMLS - Direct Metal Laser Sintering VIDEO - HILARIOUS take on the process. Learn about METAL PROTOTYPES

DMLS Direct Metal Laser Sintering by GPI Prototype

I THINK IT IS AN EXTREMELY FUNNY VIDEO lol That is just my take on it. We created this a couple week ago and this is the first cut. I would love your feedback on how to make the video better and or if you like
it/hate it ? You can also rate it on Youtube or post your comments there.


PS. You have to watch til the end, the ending is my favorite part…what is your favorite part?




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It says "
This video has been removed by the user.
Sorry about that."

Sorry, Tim but that link didn't work, at least for me. But I was able to go to your site and play the vid. I liked the beginning, but you could punch up the humor at the end - maybe some "gleam" special effects on the product, and a heavenly choir...


Andrew Werby

Hey Guys,


Here is the new link for the video on Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Using Additive Manufacturing Te...


Thanks for the feedback. We are going to be creating some new videos and this is much appreciated!

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