Check out this Californian town! They've achieved 85% solar power

Nipton, a tiny Californian town in the blaring sun of the Mojave just went solar, and is likely to soon become a tourist attraction as “the most solar town in America.” The townsfolk, all thirty eight of them,
just installed their own citywide supply of clean abundant solar

How long before we get everyone else up to par?

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As long as poiltics controls who get grants and utility companies fight and lobby against alternative energy projects in
population areas of 10,000 or more people I think its going to be slow coming to other parts of rural america
and even metropolitan areas with unacceptible willingness to participate in the new alternative energy and green job
creation as projected. Society as I remember my Jr. High years seeing a solar model of GM car of the future and
I am now 55 years of age now I rest my case its all politics, road blocks and hurdles.
A great case for supporting a national renewable energy standard -
I agree Scott that some type of national standard is necessary to offset local politics from lobbying against alternative
energy sources in favor of property owners who may or may not choose to control the cost their energy needs because
right now the old deregulation policy does not have teeth, the other day I saw a company advertise using this policy and
claiming they could let you choose your energy company from a list after you preview the cheaper rate however even that
does not have teeth in most small rural locations.

It takes time because it is very much feasible in remote areas where grid connectivity is not economically viable.....well solar PV is something very much costly


Solar Panels are the backbone of any solar project. This is a great example of a (small) city who took advantage of the abundant solar energy to provide for each citizen's energy needs. Start small, and who knows how much this trend can grow?

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