what is the requirements or qualification to provide cad outsourcing to the USA?

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Hey Mo, you have to be just very cheap if you want it to provide cad outsourcing to the USA.They don't verify your education and they don't care that much about your abillity. Most of the time someone will call you from outsourcing/staffing agency and ask you how much you are willing charge per hour. If you ask reasonoble rates , then they won't call you.

Please just quate low rate and you going win the contract.
how to get in contact with those outsourcing agency, I can provide the service with a competitive price.
Helo Mo, I am sorry it has been long time since I visit the Engineering Exchange.
You can send it to me some more information about you self and the services you want it provide.

The other companies they are everywhere and you have to contact them the traditional way such as phone , email etc.

good luck
can I get your e-mail address Please



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