1) Engineering Pro
This app contains list of formulas for accuracy is a comprehensive app known as Engineering Pro. This app is extremely useful for civil , chemical, electrical, mechanical or environmental engineer. It has more than 650 complex formulas that can be used for daily operations.
2) TurboViewerX
This app is useful to view drawings from anywhere. It provides easy way for uploading images.You can use the button to pan, navigate, zoom, and orbit documents.
3) Finger CAD

It is also useful to view drawings remotely. Many advanced features like detailed and accurate drawings are present in this app. The thickness of walls can be specified by the users and it offers landscape and portrait operations.

4) Free Graphing Calculator
It is very useful app for engineers. Power and flexibility are delivered by this free app. This has free Graphing Calculator that provides a very high functional scientific calculator, along with unit conversions, detailed graphing capabilities, and other useful features.
5) iEngineer
This app has a good amount of information in a single, mobile source and is a real time-saver. Quick access is given to the users for completing specifications of about 300 the U.S and metric screws.

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