Are cell phone belt clips the new pocket protector?

A serious question for all my fellow engineers out there—where do you carry your cell phone? On your belt? In your pocket? (For you female engineers, sorry, a purse doesn't count for this discussion; us guys are at a serious disadvantage!)


I've recently given up my beloved cell phone belt clip as I retired my old BlackBerry. It was so easy, so practical, but I felt like a fashion-challenged social outcast wearing it. (Heck, not that I let that stop me in other areas.)


But as I struggle to figure out where the best carrying place is for my new iPhone (Front pocket? Back pocket? Shirt pocket? On a lanyard around my neck? In a paisley fanny pack?), I'm curious to hear how other engineers have handled this.


Do you "own" your geekiness and proudly keep your phone on your belt clip? Or have you given in to societal pressures and done the less practical pocket thing?


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Batman would carry his phone on his belt,


I guess I was never one for belt clips, even with my first cell phone way back in the Stone Age of the late '90s. I was always worrying that it would somehow bump into something, come unclipped, fall to the ground and shatter into a million little pieces. So I've always just kept cell phones in my front pocket.

Here's another thing ... before belt clips became passe, you never heard of "pants dialing" or "butt dialing" people by accident. Just another reason that pants pockets are so impractical for cell phones.


I have a co-worker who pants dials me about once every two weeks. It's amusing on my end, but I'd be mortified to know I was doing that to other people.


I may be female, but I wouldn't mind carrying my phone on my belt.  It's handy that way.  (Much better than digging in a purse.)
Now the "fashionistas" wouldn't dare where their cell phone on a belt.  That's what attached phone pockets on purses are for.

Now I totally know what to buy Leslie for her birthday!


Too late, birthday has come and gone for this year.
I'm never giving up my belt clip!!!  you shouldn't either.  It's the most efficient way to carry your cellular device.
Thank you, Curtis! That's why I think engineers should embrace it, no? :-) We're all about efficiency.

Real engineers don't even notice fashion.  However I do see beauty in CAD drawings.


In my case, it would depend on which city I am visiting. In some places I would not dare showing my old iphone off (someone may find it attractive).

I laughed the second I read the title, because to me, there is no debate. I don't think a belt clip was ever not "passe." Also I'm pretty sure it was invented by the cell phone companies as the go-to father's day gift besides a razor and an IOU. And by the way, current Batman pockets his cell phone. I caught one of the new movies last night.

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