Hi! Some time ago John Frangella created the topic "3D-Printing" in the Green section. I find this revolutionary technology very interesting. This morning I browsed through the forum and I was just wondering if 3D printing can be seen as ecological. What do you think and why? Would be glad if we could discuss this issue!

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well, the material you put in it is certainly not ecological. All this plastic stuff, I mean;)

But it certainly can help to decentralize our production of durables and hence lower carbon footprints of commodities, doesn't it? :)

I am just looking for the right machine to set up myself. Would appreciate your suggestions!

Peace out

Here is a great article on 3D printing by ExtremeTech "A replicator and teleporter in every home"  It is one way of thinking green in that you create products you need without having to transport them in trucks, buy them in stores, eliminate packaging.... Lots of green value to this technology.

I heard that Jay Leno has one of these and uses it to replicate parts for his classic cars that are not manufactured anymore.  Very interesting technology.

ExtremeTech Article

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