Discussions about 3D Printing and the files that work with this wonderful technology.

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hello everyone,

I decided to create a discussion group on rapid prototyping and 3D printing. What files work well, what challenges you have found, what amazing things you have discovered.

Let's explore further ! 

Whoa, nobody joined! I'm shocked...this is such an interesting topic. Sadly I'm not really a specialist in 3D-printing;) but I'd LOVE to get to know more. So I'll support and recommend your thread!

Thanks Pablo. You are the best!

Maybe everyone is busy?


There's a saying about 3D Printing " Small steps, make long term goals a reality!"


I like the saying!

Hey, I am new here. I am also interested to know about the 3D printing. I appreciate your effort. 

Hi Jessica,


What interest did you have regarding 3D Printing that inspired you?


I'm a sculptor and designer, and 3D printing has a lot to offer for both of these occupations. The ability to basically push a button and see ones part come into being is very powerful, and we're just beginning to come to grips with the implications of this. For my art, it's been wonderful - things I could never have built before, with configurations that can't be molded, are now simple to produce. And as a designer, it's like having magic powers at my fingertips. When we see how this technology changes design - the ability to create mechanisms with moving parts that don't need to be assembled is just one major game-changer - I think we'll be amazed. There's a lot of hype and wishful thinking going on around this stuff, but at least some of it is justified.

Andrew Werby



Hi Andrew.  All good points.  What do you think of the materials you are using?  Do they meet your need?  Would you like different ones?  

Hi Leslie - are you in the 3D printing materials field? I've been pretty happy with the resins  for the SLA and DLP printers I've been using, but of course they could use improvement. The Form1 prints in a clear plastic, which has some interesting optical properties I've started to explore. It tends to turn a yellowish color with exposure to sunlight (which is recommended as a post-cure) so it would be nice if that didn't happen. My DLP printer, the B9 Creator, prints in a red resin which isn't particularly attractive, but its main use is to make jewelry master patterns that get burned out anyway, so the color doesn't really matter.

I've also been using an older Z-corp printer to print sculptural things in color; the material used for that is a gypsum powder that's held together by colored binder solution. This initially makes a part that's extremely fragile, but it can be infiltrated with various substances to add strength, although these parts are always going to be delicate. There's now a system from 3DS (which bought Z-corp and its technology) which addresses this shortcoming by using plastic powder and a binder that dissolves it somewhat, resulting in colored parts that are much stronger without needing infiltration, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

I have tried some of the "pro-sumer" hot-plastic extrusion printers as well, but haven't been too impressed. To my mind, the big advantage of 3D printing is the freedom of configuration the process affords. In these machines, which don't have soluble support materials, that freedom is rather severely compromised, to the point where I can usually do the same part more successfully and with better surface detail on a CNC mill instead. I've wondered about this, and asked some manufacturers of machines with two or more extruders why they couldn't print with soluble support, which would seem possible - PLA can dissolve in a lye bath that won't affect ABS, and HIPS is even easier to dissolve. The problem seems to lie not in the materials but in the open-source software which all these machines use - apparently nobody's figured out how to modify it to support supports.

Andrew Werby


Hey i am new on this topic, thanks for sharing great thoughts on this topic

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