Where can I find 3D figures I can use in my 3D plant Layout?
Free if possible.

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www.Turbosquid.com is one resource - not all is free.
Also- there are some 3D figures under 'Generalities' here: http://www.tracepartsonline.net/ws/mcadcentral
Pro-E Wildfire 4(latest revision) and 5 have the "manikin" feature. Check the link below for more details.

Why purchase a model when you can get a complete plug-in for SolidWorks with models?  This is a very precise, easy to use, solid human male and female 3D poseable figure that is anthropometrically correct.  This thing even changes scale anywhere from 5th to 95th percentile with super precision! 


Here is a link to check out a demo:   http://www.screencast.com/t/K52EWpVu


Made by Zygote Media Group called Human Factors.  Get a free trial at:


Good thoughts!

3d modeling services http://archicgi.com/

Marshall Matheson said:

Also- there are some 3D figures under 'Generalities' here: http://www.tracepartsonline.net/ws/mcadcentral
Thank you for sharing this... Very useful info

I'll search a few for you on https://google.com/ and get back to you sometime in the coming day with more. I was doing something similar for someone else anyway.

Can anyone suggest the best out of these all??

Hi, I would like to recommend a 3D model search engine: Yobi3D. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D. It's useful to find some already made 3D models for prototyping.

Please check it out and any feedback is welcomed.



Hey, Nice topic that discussed here, But i have seen that nobody discuss here since one year 

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