I have ordered a machine but waiting for it to arrive.In time until then I thought I´d try to catch up some on cad/modelling software so I was wondering what your recommendations are? I have been looking at a few lately, the last one was ViaCAD 2d/3d which I like so far. And it fits my wallet too But any other recommendations?

Please help

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Soliworks is also one of the best 3D CAD software. It is available in 3 main editions. All editions have 3D design capabilities. Out of which SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium are having more powerful features.


Each and every software has their own benefits, applications, limitations, and many such factors. Before purchasing a software, along with the budget also check whether all the requirements are satisfied by that software or else it will be of no use. If it serves the majority of your purpose, a remaining job can be outsourced to professional.

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