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engipreneurs group for engineers who are inventors and business starters
Hi Doug,
There is a perfect group for you (like your term) -

It would be nice to have a forum to talk about Project Management. There are things that are more engineering related that most project management forms do not cover like F.A.T. and GAMP.
Need a section that deals with offering professional positions to new engineers.

I just graduated in electrical engineering. And while I have a lot of very good summer internship experience (Boeing -- Honeywell -- Lockheed Martin) I am not looking anymore for summer internships.

I am looking to find jobs that have a requirement of less than 2 years, but have at least some engineering experience requirements.

You seem to be only geared to persons with 5 or more years .... But remember, America is still producing from it's colleges new engineering graduates every year ... they are the next generation of those with 5 or more years experience ... that are going to be here online with you.

At the moment I maybe the only new grad ... but I will bet there will be more in the future. Therefore this is a very untapped market, with big potential for demand for services like:

The kind that the Job board offers ...

but geared to a specific market segment ....

the new graduate.
Hi Ygnacio - check out the career builder exchange under groups -

Philip Ygnacio said:
Need a section that deals with offering professional positions to new engineers.

Hello Marshall,


I need to create a goup as "Mechanical Design & Validation". The group will be sharing the mechanical design concepts, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, mechanical testing etc.




Hello Marshall,

I am Rhomeo Manaog, one of the community assistant of Patexia, Inc. Patexia is a global community of students, researchers, and professionals that comes together to do patent research. Right now we are looking for experts with a background in electrical engineering to help us out.

Three of our current projects deal with a TV channel Scan, Synchronizing and Display Resolution, and Transmitting Component Video. Each contest offers a prize for relevant prior art. In behalf of the company,we would like to ask permission to post on forums related to the above mentioned contest, post which contains links to our site. Our contest are a good learning opportunity for students and for professionals we can focus on our consulting opportunities and chances to monetize their expertise. We wanted to follow the rules and we are we are not spamming the community. We really appreciate if you guide us on where to properly post or any specific forum.The above contest are are related to electrical engineering but we do not want to post without permission and to make sure we are not breaking any rules.
We thank you in advance and we look forward to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Rhomeo Manaog
Community Assistant 

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