Popular Architectural Visualization Design

3d architectural visualization is source and basic for making of architectural. The making of architectural never done without visualization. So here, some are amazing and popular style of architectural visualization that you have to notice.

1st style

Paranormal activity

These projects are practically not there. Buildings appear as dreamy echoes of themselves held up by light and memory, instead of concrete pillars and slabs.

2nd style

The David

The David is perfect texture of architecture, and with some thought of greenery a like grass and other related stuff, like the android boy David in Spielberg’s A.I., the architecture looks a bit too perfect.

3rd style

The Theodore

The Theodore could be a subcategory of Paranormal Activity, but, unlike the latter, it is found mostly among representations interior of the architecture.

4th style

The whodunit

These renderings sport is completely based on dark theme which is collection of the image or using only dark blue and green tones. Stormy skies, shadowy figures, and strong contrasts create tension that transforms spaces into potential film and that look is like some crime scene.


5th style

The Katherine Heigl

This visualization style is so peaceful. This imagination with some activity which is surrounding us like kids are doing fun, some other people enjoying snow, play with snow. It’s all activity is give the peace of mind and you can full enjoyed with living and also with visualization because visualization of this style is as amazing as that.

6th style

The mad max

City lights dimmed, the “urban wasteland” awaits the appearance of the new development whose lights seem to be the only sign of life for miles around.

Source - http://3d-rendering-services.uk


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