Global Polyurethane Injections Market 2017- Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2022

The Global Polyurethane Injections Market has been estimated at USD 1022.61 million in 2015 and is projected to reach USD XX million by 2020, at a CAGR of 6.70% during the forecast period from 2015 to 2020.

Polyurethane injections, a type of construction chemical alongside epoxy and acrylic resins, are majorly used for slab and basement repairing systems. In terms of the functions the chemicals accomplish in their enduses, the market can also be categorized into strengthening, structural repair and stabilizations. Strengthening involves restoring structural strength and integrity to concrete beams, walls, columns, piers, etc. and to enhance long-term performance. Since polyurethane resin-based injection systems are moisture reactive, they may require the crack to be slightly pre-wet in order to activate the full expansion of the resin. Thereby, wet or actively leaking cracks and joints often will have better results being injected with polyurethane foam than other resins.

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Polyurethane injections, owing to their flexible nature (can be used irrespective of the weather crack condition), long-term repair feature, and lightweight characteristics, are becoming an integral part of infrastructure repair and water sealants sectors. In the global polyurethane injection market report, the following major end-user sectors were taken into consideration: infrastructure repair, water sealants, and others. The infrastructure repair segment accounted for XX.XX% share of the global polyurethane injection market in 2015.

Market Dynamics of the Global Market for Polyurethane Injections:


Better performance characteristics and sustainability
Growth in revitalization of the public infrastructure projects


Low awareness in the construction industry
Volatility in the raw material prices

The market has also been geographically segmented into Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, and MEA. In terms of consumption in 2015, Europe led the market with a share of XX%, followed by North America and the Asia-Pacific. There is a recovery of the construction industry in the European region, owing to increased spending in the public infrastructure and new construction work for infrastructure development activities; it will offer numerous opportunities for the growth of the European polyurethane injection market, in turn driving the global market. However, volatility in the raw material prices has considerably hindered the growth of this market.

Furthermore, the replacement of epoxy crack injection by PU crack injection technique is driving the global polyurethane injection market. Some of the major polyurethane injections manufacturing and end-user companies are:

AGS Argiles & Mineraux/IMERYS Group
Lafarge SA
Schomburg GmbH
Sika Corp
The Euclid Chemical Co. (RPM)
Uretek Worldwide
Walker Parking Consultants

Key Deliverables in the Study:

Market analysis for the global polyurethane injection market, with region specific assessments and competition analysis on a global and regional scale.
Market definition along with the identification of key drivers and restraints.
Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities, and identification of key companies that can influence this market on a global and regional scale.
Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies along with their market share.
Identification and analysis of the macro and micro factors that affect the global polyurethane injection market on both global and regional scale.
A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information.
A wide-ranging knowledge and insights about the major players in this industry and the key strategies adopted by them to sustain and grow in the studied market.
Insights on the major countries/regions in which this industry is blooming and to also identify the regions that are still untapped.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Description
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Report Outline2. Executive Summary
2.1 Market Overview
2.2 Market Size and Share Estimation

3. Market Analysis
3.1 Polyurethane Injection Industry Trend
3.2 Construction Industry Trend
3.3 Polyurethane Industry Trend
3.4 Factors Affecting the Market
3.4.1. Drivers Better Performance Characteristics and Sustainability Growth in Revitalization of Public Infrastructure Projects Other Growth Drivers
3.4.2. Restraints Competition from Other Polymers Other Growth Restraints
3.4.3 Opportunities Greater Product Innovation Other Growth Opportunities
3.5 Technological Snapshot

4. Market Segmentation
4.1 By End Use
4.1.1 Introduction
4.1.2 Infrastructure Repair Buildings Public Residential Industrial Roads, Pavements and Tunnels Railways Dams Others
4.1.3 Water Sealant
4.1.4 Others

5. Regional Market Analysis
5.1 Introduction
5.2 North America
5.2.1 U.S.
5.2.2 Canada
5.2.3 Others
5.3 Europe
5.3.1 Germany
5.3.2 U.K.
5.3.3 France
5.3.4 Russia
5.3.5 Others
5.4 Middle East
5.4.1 Saudi Arabia
5.4.2 United Arab Emirates
5.4.3 Other Middle East Countries
5.5 Asia-Pacific
5.5.1 Australia & New Zealand
5.5.2 India
5.5.3 China
5.5.4 Japan
5.5.5 Others
5.6 Rest of The World
5.6.1 Brazil
5.6.3 South Africa
5.6.4 Others

6. The Future of the Geopolymer Industry

7. Competitive Landscape and Profiles of Key Companies
7.1 Companies That Manufacture Polyurethane
7.1.1 Silpro Corporation
7.1.2 The Western Group
7.1.3 Evonik Degussa Gmbh
7.1.4 Sabic
7.1.5 Lafarge S.A.
7.1.6 Schomburg Gmbh
7.1.7 The Sherwin-Williams Company
7.1.8 Basf Se
7.1.9 Sika Corporation
7.1.10 The Euclid Chemical Company
7.1.11 Dow Chemical Co.
7.2 Companies That Use Polyurethane (End-Users )
7.2.1 Uretek Worldwide
7.2.2walker Parking Consultants
7.2.3 Ags Argiles & Minéraux / Imerys Group
7.2.4 Structural Preservation Systems, Inc.
7.2.5 Seaboard Weatherproofing Co.
7.2.6 Restruction Corporation
7.2.7 C.A. Lindman, Inc.

8. Appendix
8.1 Secondary Sources
8.2 Disclaimer

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