Here, some do’s and doesn’t things that you have to focus on that and try to comes in to make 3D tours in real estate. We Have Created a 3D Walkthrough Presentation For new Projects.

3D Tours in Real Estate: The “Do’s!

  • Do scan houses and condos that are well kept, well staged, and in very good condition that no issue create in the future.
  • Do scan vacation rental properties of architecture that are booked perfectly and are hard to watch what a great way to allow your listing to get maximum exposure without disturbing issue vacation rental guests.
  • Do scan lanais and outdoor spaces with views where possible. In Hawaii, we love our outdoor space and we want to encourage people to understand that real estate extends beyond the walls of our house or condo
  • Do hire a competent Realtor such as myself who understands how best to convey your property’s value to the buying public. 

3D Virtual Tour “Don’ts

  • Don’t scan properties that are cluttered, in poor condition because it risky. There are some benefits of these properties are in their inherent potential, not often in their photographic charm.
  • Don’t scan on inclement weather days. This is a pet peeve of mine – grey or rainy photography because its look not perfect to watch. Think of these scans as moments in time preserved for digital eternity. Interior light is some of for security and some of for decoration and their views are severely impacted by inclement weather in Hawaii. 
  •  Don’t scan properties with problematic layouts that no trouble for layout, or poor interior design because poor design it’s not good for the interior. If the intrinsic value of the property is not in the architecture – perhaps in the stunning garden, or poetic view, but not in the house because garden is not possible in the house, concentrate on what will bring a buyer for a visit. Know that any interior “warts” in a house will be forever preserved in the 3D tour!
  • Don’t scan properties with people or animals in them but just think of this is a real showing – we want our buyers to enjoy the space unencumbered by personalities or pets that could potentially be a turn off.

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