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Are You Ready To Make Your Manufacturing, Post-Manufacturing & Support Pledge for Your Wearable Device?

This is part 12 of our series, “The of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 11 Here.


It has been said “begin with the end in mind.”  This very much applies to New Product Implementations (NPI). Decisions and promises made early in any product-development process can greatly affect…


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A Holistic Approach to Robust Plastic Product Design

This is the blog post in a series of six about “Holistic Approach to Robust Plastic Product Design” by Vikram Bhargava. You can read part I of the series and his profile here. In this post he talks about different types of plastic part defects and the common causes of…


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Tips for PLC Training

PLC Training Tips:

For the beginner to PLC Training , most of the time, one product or or PLC training solution will NOT properly prepare you to hit the ground running in the real world of working with PLCs,

  • WARNING: Potential damage to man or machine exist if not properly trained!

As a beginner, one might think all you need is the LogixPro PLC simulator, but that would be  bad choice. 1st get some PLC training and familiarization with…


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The Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Society

Advances in technology have propelled the human race to an unprecedented plateau of innovation and capability. Throughout our history, revolutionary technological advances have presented an opportunity to push the boundaries of societal progress, and now with additive manufacturing, once again we find ourselves on the cusp of behaviour altering possibilities. Additive manufacturing poses a unique proposition; the freedom of design to create more, to inspire innovation, and…


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Invention, Innovation and Manufacturing in the 2012 Elections

[ CLICK HERE ] to read our latest edition of "Watch, Read, Listen, Do," this time about "Invention, Innovation and Manufacturing in the 2012…


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A Three-Part 'Coffee Chat' With a Guided Motion Expert

We recently spent time with one of our applications engineers, Dan Fletcher, to go over some basic info about choosing and sizing our DualVee linear bearings. That conversation turned into a three-part series we shared on our blog. We invite you to check it out!

Part I: Spec'ing a Guide Wheel

PRECISION AND SPEED are two factors are critical when choosing what linear guide system works best for your needs. Many other factors have to be taken into…


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Meet Our Engineering Interns, Shail and Naasik

Some fresh faces joined us this month at Bishop-Wisecarver! Everyone, meet our two new engineering interns, Shail and Naasik. The marketing department got a boost too in the form of Eleanor, an intern who'll help us with our communications and branding efforts.

We established the…


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Two rules for rolling revisions up the tree

So, in response to the blog post from yesterday, here are two rules that could guide how component revisions impact assembly-level revisions. This is a tricky call to make because if you always let minor changes to low-level parts trigger new revisions  to your top-level product assemblies (and all the intervening  sub-assemblies), you end up…


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Will You Adapt or Die — Can Your Skills Pay the Bills?

The rise and fall of jobs in America is still such a hot topic in the news — how could it not be? Many of us face the harsh saying of "adapt or die" everyday in our hunt for success but what should you do? You ask, "Where is the job market going? What skills do I need? How do I get there?" We pulled together some…


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We're accepting applications for our paid internship program!

Bishop-Wisecarver just announced the launch of a paid engineering and manufacturing internship program, which starts this summer.



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Are you using 3D rendering to speed prototyping?

I have been hanging out a lot with a friend (let's call her Michelle) who is in the middle of prototyping - - let's just say I am frequently reminded how difficult it is to actually turn an idea into a physical product.

(That particular skill isn't…


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Five ways to prepare your business to scale

I wanted to share this cool infographic from the Arena Blog - 5 ways you can prepare your business to scale. This seems to be focusing mostly on how you can prepare as a hardware company (product data, operations/engineering focused) but I think it's a nice check list for anyone involved with bringing a product to market.…


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How engineering contributes to new product introduction

I just wrote a post on the Arena Blog about big picture questions to ask when launching a new product.

Answering these questions (what is the overall expected revenue, are there additional headcount needs, etc) is often the job of…


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We're Looking for an Engineer!

We're hiring, and one of the positions is for a Mechatronics Engineer. CLICK HERE to check out our career page and download the job description!

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A Crossword Puzzle For All You Engineer Types

We just launched a new blog feature in celebration of a Twitter trend we follow: #MotionMonday. Ya'll should check it out, download it and email me if you need the answer key! Prizes may await you :)

[[ CHECK IT ]]…


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College Dropouts, China's Incredible Engineering Feats and Q&As with Manufacturing Salesmen

We're excited to share this week's roundup of notable news related to manufacturing, engineering, business, college education and a few other random tidbits. 


Happy New Year from all of us here at Bishop-Wisecarver!…


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The pros and cons of intelligent part numbering

There was a time when everyone was so impressed by intelligent part numbering schemes that choosing to adopt one was a no-brainer.

But things have changed. If you're growing quickly with a wide variety of parts, or have a globally dispersed or complicated manufacturing process, intelligent part numbering could actually be a difficult system to maintain as you grow.

If you're trying to decide if it's right for you, here are a few pros and cons of intelligent part…


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Year in Manufacturing, Another Earth-Sized Planet's Found and a Brief History of the Ugly Christmas Sweater

We added an extra five to our weekly top tweets wrap-up — consider it a holiday gift :)

[ Click here to read it ]

We got lots of cool news, links and other tidbits to keep you entertained. It's been a good year, everyone! See you on the other side!…


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Social Media and Manufacturing — A Podcast

An Australian blogger had some kind words to say about Bishop-Wisecarver's social media prowess. He talks about marketing and the manufacturing industry in his latest blog, which you can check out on our own here! Thanks, Damian!…


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What Does it Feel Like to be 70 Years Old?

A new suit researchers developed to limit strength, mobility and vision gives youngsters an idea of what it's like to be gettin' up there in years. They call it an empathy suit and it's helping people understand the needs of our aging population. Interesting! Read more about that and other cool science, humor and miscellaneous articles in our weekly Top Ten Tweets…


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