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What Should Your Wearable Wear? Choosing Materials for Medical Device Enclosure

If you decide that your device is intended to be worn by young children, then you can imagine a material that is lightweight and brightly colored. This definition, however, also tells you that the device material should be durable or easily and inexpensively replaced to accommodate the typical…


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Case Study: Mechanics of Bacterial Biofilms on Sutures

Biofilms represent bacterial communities that attach to implanted medical devices such as sutures and catheters. When detached from implants within the body, biofilms can cause chronic infections. This study used Simpleware software to generate image-based microscopic finite element (FE) models from confocal laser scanning…


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Rethinking Product Development: Why You Should Adopt Simulation

Product development strategy is a core for manufacturing businesses, and remains a focal point from where the growth of an organization propagates. Devising a sound strategy to develop product for the right market and at the right time is what makes businesses successful in fiercely competitive environment.

As such, the pursuit of manufacturing right…


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Unique Bedroom Furniture Creation At 3D Animation Studio

3D Animation Studio

Where should the bed go? The only problem is updating, bedrooms see constant style and fashion changes and recently we have been seeing different trends in this particular room shifting…


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Mechanism of Truck Scales

Truck weighing scales are quite widespread in their use. A primary driving force behind it is ensuring vehicle and driver safety. Trucks, on exceeding their maximum safe weight limits (defined often under regulations on the same), become prone to accidents like overturns. Overweight trucks are also a problem for the road surfaces on which the trucks travel, since it accelerates their wear and tear. Another critical aspect is regional taxation and toll policies. These are often guided by the…


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5 Stages to Embed the “Smarts” Into Your Wearable Tech Through Software Development

This is part 7 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 6 Here.

Now that you’re this far into our series, one can safely assume that your idea for a wearable medical device of the future…


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Calibration: The How to, When to, What to, Why to, Where to

Calibration is one of the main functions of industrial instrumentation. Working with calibrated machines and instruments is one of the best ways to reduce error in the production process. There could be times when it is necessary to follow a pattern or a procedure to ensure better calibration results. This ensures that your instruments are maintained well, while increasing the trust factor that you have in your instruments.



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CFD Simulations to Save Lives

The potential of CFD simulations is increasingly being exploited in many modern engineering fields. However, the use of CFD techniques is more restricted to manufacturing domains, to study and optimize the performance of equipments and systems involving fluid flows. Yet, recent advancements in scanning and computing technologies have opened a whole new set of opportunities in biomedical engineering field.…


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CFD and Wind Tunnels: Combining the Two for Aerodynamic Excellence

Studying the effects of airflow over an object is of a paramount importance for design considerations. To understand the impact of the aerodynamic forces on engineering objects such as automobiles, aircrafts and locomotives, it is required to set up external airflow conditions that resemble actual physical scenario.

Since the design requirements for such…


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Getting It Right the First Time: Product Development through Simulation

Developing an engineering product has a direct relation with the manufacturing time. As a manufacturing firm, staying ahead in the market competition requires substantially reducing the investments in terms of cost and time in design development, manufacturing processes and product marketing.

The situation becomes even worse when there is a need to…


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Form & Function: Must-Ask Questions When Designing Wearables

This is Part 6 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 5 here.

When I was a kid, I had a lawn-mowing business and cut the grass for nearly every homeowner on my street ($10 bucks a…


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Strengthening Automobile Chassis Using Finite Element Analysis

A chassis provides the much needed support to the vehicle body, and bears number of loads in order make sure that they do not get transmitted inside the cabin. In general, the chassis has to accommodate five loading conditions that include bending, torsion, combined bending and torsion, lateral and fore & aft loading. These loads generate due to vehicle motion, its maneuvering and uneven road conditions.…


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Choosing a User Interface? What Engineers Need to Consider

This is Part 5 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 4 here.



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Optimizing Designs of Industrial Pipes, Ducts and Manifolds Using CFD

Almost every industry involves the utilization of pipes, ducts and manifolds to handle wide range of fluids, gases or a mixture of solids and fluids. It is evident that these transport mediums are exposed to critical pressure and temperature, requiring thorough study on their designs to ensure longevity and performance.

A theoretical design calculation…


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3d logo animation services

JMSD Consultant create high quality 3d logo animation, motion logos at reasonable cost to get 100% customer satisfaction till date.

We work on the latest technology and our team is on continuous lookout for better softwares. It is only with the best softwares, will…


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A Resource Guide to Wearable Device Sensors

This is Part 4 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 3 here.…


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CFD: An Intuitive Tool for Efficient Thermal Management of Data Centers

The modern organizations rely heavily on computer services, often compensated by the data center legacy. Its utilization has grown by leaps and bounds with further addition of cloud computing and virtualization technologies. However, the growth in data centers has doubled the electricity consumption and resulting heat generation.

Nowadays, the power in…


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Fuel Efficiency – Core Focus of Aerodynamics

In the automotive industry, Aerodynamics has long been put to work to improve the performance. The art and science of making automobiles more “slippery” is now focused on miles per gallon rather than miles per hour.  Tomorrow’s vehicle’s– are more likely to be “Aerodynamics Wonders” rather than today’s automobiles on road. With the increased emphasis on fuel efficiency – automotive manufacturers, aerodynamics engineers and…


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Architectural 3D rendering walkthrough services

Live out your dreams virtually with 3D interior rendering walkthrough services!

Let us first understand what is 3D interior walkthrough services. When engineers take the existing drafts and designs and create a three dimensional model out of that. Once the model is…


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Simpleware 7.0 Now Available

We're pleased to announce the new release of our 3D image processing, analysis and model generation software. New features of the release include a particles analyser, a centreline editor, animation tools, and new modules for calculating the effective material properties of scanned samples using homogenisation…


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