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Discover New Design Opportunities with Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping

Product designing is a complex phenomenon, involving the mixed application of engineering expertise and tools. One has to ensure optimum utilization of skills with a blend of right tools to devise innovative products with minimal investment of cost and time.

While developing a new product often involves a rigorous research and feedback from the…


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FAQs on Connecting a Wearable Device to the Cloud


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Visualizing and Demonstrating the Architectural Concepts and Designs in 3D

With the arrival of 3D designs rendering, architects and home designers can visualize external surroundings and interior designing conveniently. Today to visualize various architectural concepts clearly and accurately the conceptual demonstration of designs and concepts of architecture are very useful.

Referred to as pre-visualization, Architectural 3D Rendering has now become the key to…


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Automatic Vs Manual Meshing: Which One is Right for You?

There’s always a debate on choosing the right meshing technique for FEA and CFD simulations. Since meshing is an important part in any simulation process, it is imperative to ensure that a proper meshing technique is adopted. This is essentially a concern for most analysts as the simulation results hugely rely on mesh quality.

It is quite easy to…


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Enhancing Mixing Process Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

The mixing of two or more fluids is a process most commonly found in many industries, having a substantial importance in almost every production process as well as industrial and consumer products. Examples include mixing of dye into liquid, or food ingredients mixed together in food processing or mixing of gases diffusing into one another. The number of opportunities for mixing technology is unlimited, which is…


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Conducting Finite Element Analysis Doesn’t Always Mean Downsizing

The use of finite element analysis is widespread among the engineering community because of its ability to quickly assess product designs. However, most engineers take FEA as a tool to achieve downsizing objectives.

It is true though, that the use of finite element method assists in identifying design alternatives that are less in weight, it doesn’t…


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A Crash Course in Choosing Biocompatible Wearable Tech Materials

This is part 9 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 8 Here.

What is the best part about wearable technology products? You can wear them while they work! This also indicates, however, that your wearable device must be made of an appropriate material to be worn safely. Rather than panicking and diving head…


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Simulation Explains How A Sneezing Person in an Airplane Can Make You Sick

One of the leading commercially available simulation software from ANSYS helps in determining the fluid flow behavior for various engineering applications. Engineers utilize these simulation tools to optimize aircraft wings for optimum lift and drag in the air, or improve the performance by reducing aircraft weight.

However, the ability to predict the…


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5 Tips to Incorporate Simulation Driven Design for Your Next Product Design Project

Simulation has taken over the conventional manufacturing approach for many industries. However, research shows that many small and mid scale manufacturing organizations are skeptical about including the technology in the product development process and prefer to use these tools past the design release.

For organizations looking to adopt the…


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3D Model Created in ScanIP Used Towards Kidney Stone Operation


3D printing technology is becoming more common in the medical industry, whereby scans (such as MRI and CT) can be converted into physical models for use as a research aid. Entrepreneur John Cousins (Managing Director of isodo3D) recently took advantage of…


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What Should Your Wearable Wear? Choosing Materials for Medical Device Enclosure

If you decide that your device is intended to be worn by young children, then you can imagine a material that is lightweight and brightly colored. This definition, however, also tells you that the device material should be durable or easily and inexpensively replaced to accommodate the typical…


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Case Study: Mechanics of Bacterial Biofilms on Sutures

Biofilms represent bacterial communities that attach to implanted medical devices such as sutures and catheters. When detached from implants within the body, biofilms can cause chronic infections. This study used Simpleware software to generate image-based microscopic finite element (FE) models from confocal laser scanning…


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Rethinking Product Development: Why You Should Adopt Simulation

Product development strategy is a core for manufacturing businesses, and remains a focal point from where the growth of an organization propagates. Devising a sound strategy to develop product for the right market and at the right time is what makes businesses successful in fiercely competitive environment.

As such, the pursuit of manufacturing right…


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Unique Bedroom Furniture Creation At 3D Animation Studio

3D Animation Studio

Where should the bed go? The only problem is updating, bedrooms see constant style and fashion changes and recently we have been seeing different trends in this particular room shifting…


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Mechanism of Truck Scales

Truck weighing scales are quite widespread in their use. A primary driving force behind it is ensuring vehicle and driver safety. Trucks, on exceeding their maximum safe weight limits (defined often under regulations on the same), become prone to accidents like overturns. Overweight trucks are also a problem for the road surfaces on which the trucks travel, since it accelerates their wear and tear. Another critical aspect is regional taxation and toll policies. These are often guided by the…


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5 Stages to Embed the “Smarts” Into Your Wearable Tech Through Software Development

This is part 7 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 6 Here.

Now that you’re this far into our series, one can safely assume that your idea for a wearable medical device of the future…


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Calibration: The How to, When to, What to, Why to, Where to

Calibration is one of the main functions of industrial instrumentation. Working with calibrated machines and instruments is one of the best ways to reduce error in the production process. There could be times when it is necessary to follow a pattern or a procedure to ensure better calibration results. This ensures that your instruments are maintained well, while increasing the trust factor that you have in your instruments.



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CFD Simulations to Save Lives

The potential of CFD simulations is increasingly being exploited in many modern engineering fields. However, the use of CFD techniques is more restricted to manufacturing domains, to study and optimize the performance of equipments and systems involving fluid flows. Yet, recent advancements in scanning and computing technologies have opened a whole new set of opportunities in biomedical engineering field.…


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CFD and Wind Tunnels: Combining the Two for Aerodynamic Excellence

Studying the effects of airflow over an object is of a paramount importance for design considerations. To understand the impact of the aerodynamic forces on engineering objects such as automobiles, aircrafts and locomotives, it is required to set up external airflow conditions that resemble actual physical scenario.

Since the design requirements for such…


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