Looking for feedback on my online training website LearningMeasure.com. It is a site with emphasis on measurement and test, but also some general engineering topics are covered. I clearly am not the best at marketing my website, and would like any suggestions you might have on how I can make my site more successful.

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I hope to take a deeper dive into your site when I get the chance, but, at first glance, I'm impressed. I'm a big fan of informal continuing education. As a marketing creative, I use sites like Lynda.com to learn new software, photography/videography techniques, etc. You might want to check out their site. 

A few ideas you might want to swipe from Lynda.com: a one-month trial subscription, gift subscriptions for friends, and a monthly e-newsletter that alerts subscribers to new content.

Hope this helps,

Gary Mollohan

The drilldown course info looks good!  My advice would be to greatly simplify the landing page and use smaller font for body text.  To a newbie, there's a lot of information, and it's hard to determine where to go first.  Decide what people need to see first & direct them to the other items via drilldowns.  Looks like a very useful service. My 2 cents!



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