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Green Engineering is the design, commercialization and use of processes and products that are feasible and economical while minimizing:
Generation of pollution at the source and risk to human health and the environment.

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Comment by Andrew Feliks on December 25, 2015 at 9:37pm

Well, maybe you need to start from the simple structure ... Here a tandem bike in which the other in the rear never laze will not be ....
The experience you need to slowly gather .. the Wright brothers' first flight at the time, only 278 meters flew his machine ..



Comment by Andrew Feliks on November 30, 2015 at 10:48am

Here the newest model of the wind my car .. Only cosmetic changes on the outside .. :)


But inside the revolution ..
I present two screenshots of the simulator NASA airfoil and it is clear that at different angle of attack with a symmetrical profile, receive different values ??of lift .. From negative to positive .. or 160 KG positive, or 160 kg (320 lbs) negative (downward pushing sash) when changing the angle of attack of 30 degrees .. and dimensions of the wings 2, 5 meters square at a speed of 100 km / h (60 miles)



Well, this wing of their forces can drive the crankshaft directly ..
Here, the animation .. The angle of attack of the wing can change either electrically or mechanically (cam) There is no need for this high energy ..


Well needless to say that such a system also can work at creating their own wind ... ..

I had to publish it on Santa Claus, but that the climate summit a little hurried me .. Because after what happened there in May too tired and negotiate, as you no longer need .. maybe someone out there will send a telegram?:rolleyes:

Comment by Andrew Feliks on October 24, 2015 at 8:35pm

So come on ramjet engine, such as the SR 71 .. which drives the generator on a treadmill, and give you the energy ... but when we have a stream of departing gases, after the addition of neodymium magnets can be good even with these tubes directly receive electrical energy generated MHD generator .. no as shown in the figure also how we will burn pulverized coal .. no but the engine is a framework is the same as scram jet, only at lower speeds. In 2015 Tokyo was developed in the engine scram is that with the help produced on the basis of MHD power also speeds up the exhaust gases on the MHD reverse. We need to get all our MHD mounted on the framework jet engine gave only electricity .. extra for electricity from the generator to the axis of the device .. but that's not all we can with the energy produced in this way receive .. Because the device is going to rotate in a circle with a diameter of 30 m, then we can all thermal energy from the combustion of fuel to pick up, building a 35-meter housing for the device. And WHOLE heat generated can pick up with the aid of heat recovery units (coolers or tubes such as in a steam boiler) and use it, or even to produce additional power, or (i) for heating .. This time none have not wasted





Comment by Andrew Feliks on October 24, 2015 at 8:29pm

Wuzak, on 12 Oct 2015 - 03:07, said:
The SR-71 had turbojets, not ramjets.

So yes, engines SR71, a combined cycle engines .. to take-off and less than one Mach a turbine engine plays an essential role, but above the speed second element of this combination, which is a ram-jet engine (the tube that flows air) begins to play a dominant role speeds above Mach 3, giving it 82% of the total during what has at its disposal the plane. that is, if we gave up at that speed at all of the turbine engine, this string would only decreased by 18%. I think that on threads loss in our application we can afford and get rid of at all of this very complicated and expensive engine components SR 71. we are left only ram-jet, and he will be with an efficiency of about 95% at the speed .This is written in the NASA study concerning the second combined cycle Ramjet engine of the rocket engine .. rocket engine ..

But for our purposes of energy production should be enough speed less than 1 mach. Well, here the helicopter, which must be produced from 100KW power to fly ..

Except that I would not advise that a helicopter to fly .. but the current can do safely :rolleyes:




Comment by Andrew Feliks on October 10, 2015 at 11:45am

So now even a version
So here the animation ramjet engines between the wings in a spoon effect, which is about 9 times increase input speed .. Pipes of course without turbines, such as SR 71, and, so to eye with 250 MW of getting So, yes, the set of a diameter of 30 meters, having the 250 MW of power, he would have 12 pieces of such pipes since SR71, visible starter pneumatic boot, and the number 2 units would give so much energy around, a small nuclear power plant Only with the size of the power plant, even coal, consumed for own use 50 MW (high pressure pumps, blowers and fans, etc.). Here only the minimum energy for the fuel supply system, expressed in kilowatts ..
And the cost of investment that air football field, probably will be significantly smaller.
It's to improve the imagination, what I'm saying.
Well, here we have any fuel - coal dust, gas, oil.

Comment by Andrew Feliks on October 1, 2015 at 4:18pm

And you know what these wings including my project still can be used? not even suppose ... :rolleyes:

This is EXHAUST. .. :D

Thus, the negative pressure is created dam that will serve to suck exhaust gas from the engine .. vacuum will remain on throughout the exhaust pipe .. will suck exhaust lot better than they do, competitive exhaust pipe curled in a "sausage" ...
And by the way a negative pressure can be so great that at some considerable speed, you can turn off the ignition .. :D and cut off the supply of fuel .. :D interesting at what it will speed .. :rolleyes:

and even before up to speed, it also can underpressure to run a turbine from the exhaust and nwtedy that the system does not have to be connected ..

Well, not to mention the alternator, which also would say fueled rotary vane pump on the vacuum ...

Yes, if so, a pair of wings spoon should be at the back of the car .... :D


Comment by Andrew Feliks on September 24, 2015 at 6:44am

It is nice to finally see how it works in practice my idea, published in 2009


Comment by Andrew Feliks on August 12, 2015 at 7:26am

[QUOTE=Thepanzerfuhrer;32937258]If I employed this wing technique on say a convertible mustang, how much reduction could I expect in my corrected et?[/QUOTE]

for it is not such a simple thing .. My drawing is only a theory, and even to good its use probably still need many experiences .. It's like a first flight .. Here we see that one of the first aircraft was driven by the wheel to become independent by the wind ..
Now that the simulator airfoil from NASA perfectly we can see that even minimal changes in some parameters, the cause, the whole project can not go wrong .. You can discern that the value of lifting force to the resistance can take very extreme value. THEREFORE should be chosen carefully all the values. RELATIONSHIP TO RESISTANCE to the lift of WAS AS 1: 10 ..
For the time being we do not have a simulator to "spoon effect", the distance and angle of attack of wings .. But we can assume based on experience, that it will have a value, after careful about choosing the least 3 times larger than the two single wing, that is, if we simulator one wing lift 37 pounds is two give us 74 pounds .. multiply it by spoon effect. that is, times 3, which gives us 222 pounds of force "propellants", in relation to the resistance, which is 7.4 pounds ... So theoretical gain is about 30 times .. Now, from our skills and experience will depend on how much practically with the profit we will they could utilize to drive a car .. it is a very big number, and even if almost ten times we reduce it, it will be us coefficient 3, for a clean drive a car .. so it all depends on how it practically execute ..


Comment by Andrew Feliks on August 12, 2015 at 7:20am
Comment by Andrew Feliks on August 10, 2015 at 2:23pm

Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of explosion atomic bomb in Nagasaki. the first theoretical founder Joseph Rotblat it was ..

quoted below what was his attitude to scientific discoveries:

"Hind al. [16] pointed out that the unpredictability switched
petent research makes such a project
difficult, if at all possible. But such a project
of it becomes meaningful if based on ethical principles.
Rotblat was of the opinion that the foundations of ethics should form
part of the training of all scientists. He wanted,
that universities have adopted some sort of cited above
oaths, and to students of natural filed
such a vow when finish their studies, and listened to lectures
on the ethical aspects of science. Relying on his conscience
and the good will of individual scientists not in itself
It will be sufficient, since the units are often unreliable.
Therefore called for the establishment of a number of ethics committees,
which might consider science projects that may affect
human life, some kind of medical committees
ethical. Consent ethics of such a committee would be required
for funding a particular direction of research.
In later life, Rotblat opposed
research conducted in secret, which is often
in the case of government research and industrial applications. He believed
that new knowledge to be shared. He moved a problem
associated with the commercialization of research, since many studies
carried out in universities were funded
from commercial sources. This could influence the direction
study, put at risk the ethical problems and increase the mystery.
He also began to hate the patenting of results
research, because in his opinion, knowledge should be
available for free. But scientists themselves often impose secrecy.
because they want to keep other scholars in the dark
until publication, because a person who
First it publishes, often gets awards and honors.
These views Rotblat that come with early stages
his career and matured over a lifetime, are a bit naive,
because competition, secrecy
and commercialization are part of learning. He simply wanted
resist these pressures "

I like it..



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