We are an American Owned and Managed engineering services company who is looking for Technical Partners throughout the US and Canada. We are looking for individuals or small to medium size design companies who are interested in expanding thier services that they offer thier customers. Looking for Technical Partners that have good standing in thier respecitve areas and are interested in growing thier business by working with us.

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Hello Ken,
Our company specializes in engineering design (Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Durable goods). Over 30 years experience. All major cad systems. One of our specialties is our CADFeature translations which allow you to translate from/to all major cad packages and retain design intent.
Visit us at www.advancedcsi.com
Hello Ken,
are you still looking for partners?
I am a self employed mechanical engineer living in Germany and interested in enlarging my engineering office.
I have best experience in Pro/E since 1996 and are almost designing for automotive ( powertrain ) and household appliance.
For 1st information about my office please look at http://www.driehaus.de
On a reply, I am pleased and remain Yours sincerely
Uwe Driehaus

I am Velu providing switchgear engineering services. Having 25+ years of experience in this field.
Hey Fellow Group Members - I would like to thank you all for your post to this discussion. I apologize for not replying sooner as I have not logged in for a while. I will be replying to each over the next few days. Again I appreciate your feedback! We are still looking for partners and distributors! Thanks! Ken
Hi Ken,
I'm located in Massachusetts and have more than 20 years of experience in product design and technologies development. Looking for new customers and partners. Thanks
If you need anyone from India, check me out. I am a Mechanical Engineer and specialize in high speed machines.
If you need anyone from India, check me out. I am a Mechanical Engineer and specialize in high speed machines.
I also possess a 10 year multi-entry visa to US.
Ken, if you are looking for experienced Test Development Engineers specializing in functional testing of PCB boards, final product verification, calibration, vision systems, etc. then send me a message and I can give you more information.
I am an independant designer who owns several cad cam packages. I am looking for small and med. sized drafting, modeling and design projects I can work on from home via e-mail. I can also supply cnc code for mills and lathes. I have extensive experience in mech design and spent many years as a toolmaker and machinist. If any one is looking for help on any projects please let me know.
Hi Ken,

This is George from Arya Systems. We are a designing and a detail engineering company. We have been in the industry for over 8 years. We have our offices in India, USA( NC), Germany. We will be more than happy to do the designing and detailing for you at a very competitive price. Our domains are into Piping, Civil, Structural and we have offered our services to Oil and Gas, power, process and pharmaceutical industries. Could you please let me know if we can do the designing and detailing for your projects. We have experts in PDS, PDMS, SPPID, STAAD etc

I look forward to hearing from you




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