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Does your company do electrical PMs? How often?

Started by Donald Fitchett. Last reply by Donald Fitchett Jan 13, 2011. 4 Replies

PLC to read data file from PC

Started by Michael Galenkamp. Last reply by Donald Fitchett Jan 12, 2011. 1 Reply

Opto 22 Blog

Math operations on numeric tables variables

I just had to write an optoscript loop to sum a Integer Table. No big deal, but sure would have been nice if we had "SumTableValues(skipZero,...

Displaying Running Average of Rate of Event on Supertrend

I have a need to display a running average of the rate of an event on our machine. Let me give a fictitious example: An operator loads widgets into...

Barcode scanner

I'm using soft pac on a test machine development, in order to pick a test sequence recipe I would like to use a barcode reader thru either serial or...

Alternative methods to save to controller?

I was curious if there are any other documented means of reading/writing directly to the PAC. I am enjoying my time with both the Groov and PAC...

PAC Display: Add Text as dynamic attribute for Button control

Title says it all. I need to indicate operational context through the label of a button. This is scheme we use in all our business applications but...

PAC Display: Add 'Enable' property as dynamic attribute to controls

In Windows, when a control is invalid for a given context or scenario the developer can set it's Enable property to false. As you know this causes...

PAC Display: ComboBox "Text In" attribute disabled?

I'm using a Combo Box to allow the operator to select one of several value presets. I've added the items and for each one enabled the Send Value...

PAC Display: Button Z-index bug

I have a button control on a form and depending on the state of a Controller variable I want to change what text is displayed on the button. This...

Fonts rendered at different sizes for different controls

I've come across a minor inconsistency with the size text is rendered for the Button control and the Text object. In typical WinForms applications...

DataLink to Access 2013?

Is Access 2013 supported? I tried to connect a database, but I get the following error when I try to run the link: "Error in Lot log: No...

Wireless or radio I/O?

I have a SNAP PAC in my greenhouse and would like to have wireless or radio analog sensors placed throughout the structure. They may move over time...

C++ programmers wanting to use groov w/out any Opto 22 hardware or OPC UA servers?

Hi All, Had a question this week from a customer with a device + corresponding driver he'd written himself in C++. He wanted to use groov as a...

move data from your old controller into a PAC - via serial connection RS232/RS485

Hi All, Other peer-to-peer examples you'll find on the forums provide various options for moving data via Ethernet, but what if you only have a...

LCM4 Into the future with windows 7

Is anyone using HMI application running on windows 7 64 bit to access LCM4 controllers with M4SENET cards installed? If so, what is the preferred IO...

Embedded windows?

Is it possible to embed a browser page in the PAC display (insert an iFrame)? I was thinking about an analysis window with embedded graphs...or...

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Comment by Maria Chipman on August 5, 2011 at 8:30am
Belden Inc is a manufacturer of universal joints and drive shaft assemblies. In general, does anyone come across these in their line of work?
Comment by Donald Fitchett on July 6, 2011 at 8:15pm
That Opto 22 Blog is great. Glad I found it.

Peer-to-Peer - how do YOU do it? post cool too. I wonder if termonolgy changed with the PAC, or remote I/O was just overlooked as a possible solution?

Comment by ahmad reza atef on June 28, 2011 at 1:51pm
i am Msc Mechatronic student with mechanical engineer background anyone could suggest me a MSC project .
Comment by Melinda Monaco on September 20, 2010 at 6:12am
PTC's Jim Heppelmann in the Boston Globe's Hot Seat >>
Comment by Steven Fage on September 15, 2010 at 6:13am
Does anyone know of an automation/controls engineering position open in the Tampa Bay area? Please msg me. I have just relocated to the area to attend USF for graduate studies. Looking for full time work. Thank you.
Comment by Kevin D. Dawson on September 14, 2010 at 5:43am
I've been using different types of sensors and systems for system integration and safety systems such as prox sensors and light curtains, Sink/Source, Ladder Logic and Fuzzy Logic for almost 20 years. I feel that there is still a lot that I have missed in other applications by sticking with a known/familiar few. But, unfortunately, that is the human nature.
Comment by Donald Fitchett on March 3, 2010 at 2:02pm
Great, thanks again.
Comment by Jim Lutzo on March 3, 2010 at 11:14am
1756-ENBT should work just fine. I used the EN2T as an example but any of the EtherNet control modules will work.
Comment by Donald Fitchett on March 3, 2010 at 10:52am
Thanks Jim: I thought it was that simple, but wanted to do a little research via social network first. I did find when connecting just one laptop to ControlLogix, you can't have your computer set to auto default assign IP, you have to type in a manual IP address for your laptop. took me a while to figure out. So I was trying to see if there was any other little idiosyncrasies' I need to know beforehand. Also we have the 1756 - ENBT, that will work ok wont it?
Comment by Jim Lutzo on March 3, 2010 at 7:42am

Any of the EtherNet versions of the ControlLogix communication modules should work for this application. The module (e.g. 1756-EN2T) would be installed in the same chassis as the controller, and connected with a standard ethernet cable to one of the router's ports. You would then connect from any laptop to the 1756-EN2T by whatever IP address you give it, over the chassis backplane to the slot where the controller resides.

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